Jul 8, 2011

¡Ya Basta de Sangre!: 4 men found guilty in Juarez massacre

The Associated Press: 4 men found guilty in Juarez massacre: "Mexican judges on Thursday convicted four men of killing 15 people in a shocking border city attack that prompted President Felipe Calderon to alter the government's anti-drug strategy in the area.

The victims of what became known as the Villa Salvarcar massacre were mainly teenagers at a birthday party in a working-class part of Ciudad Juarez, a violent city across the border from El Paso, Texas. At least eight others were wounded in the attack on Jan. 30, 2010.

The three judges will sentence Juan Alfredo Soto, Aldo Fabio Hernandez, Jose Dolores Arroyo and Heriberto Martinez on Monday. Prosecutors are seeking more than 100 years in prison each. Three suspects remain at large."

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