Jul 6, 2011

¡No Mas Sangre!: Where's shame? Stop drug war!

A letter to the editor of the Jackson, Mississippi Clarion Ledger

Where's shame? Stop drug war! "Where is the shame? Our hypocrisy is unbelievable. We are blaming the Mexicans for their illegal entry to the USA. But our immigration service is so tied up with narcotic traffic that it is useless.

We blame the Mexicans for the narcotic wars but it is funded by Americans every time they buy a dime bag of crack or smoke a left-handed cigarette. Not only do we fund the purchase of narcotics, we supply the guns for the war.

In 9-11, 3,000 people died and we are fighting three wars because of that attack. In Mexico more than 35,000 people have been murdered and tortured because of our actions. Where is our anger, or better, our shame?

The present drug war is causing self destruction. It is creating a prison society and various entities are getting rich. We lead the world in number of citizens incarcerated. Same thing happened with alcohol.

Legalize drugs and put a stop to this carnage

Karl Hatten, Sr."

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