Aug 26, 2011

Immigration Politics: Collateral damage of 9/11: Pragmatic immigration reform

A thoughtful column by Mary Sanchez on how the "national security" panic that followed 9/11 has overrun immigration reform with the bureaucracy of the Homeland Security Department and xenophobic politics. "... away from the solemn ceremonies at Ground Zero, beyond the appropriate mourning for the dead - including grief for military men and women killed in the wars that followed 9/11 - we need to begin a different sort of reflection.

We need to think deeply and critically about how the United States responded - and continues to respond - to the attacks, and whether the right choices have been made. We need to reflect on the way the attacks have reshaped public policy on immigration, security measures that affect our daily lives and commerce, and public perceptions of Muslim people, including those who are fellow U.S. citizens."

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