Sep 9, 2011

The Border: ACTTing Out in Arizona – Where the Drug War now has a “Unified Command”

The Arizona poster illustrating this report is an image that speaks a thousand words--perhaps more.

Border Lines: "Arizona is “ground zero” in the reconfigured war on drugs.
  • Numbers tell the story of the failed drug war and a misguided combat against transnational crime.
  • ACCT is a paper alliance created to demonstrate Obama’s border security/transnational crime strategy.
  • It’s all about marijuana and immigrants – the same old story of border control, now called border security. 
  • Arizona and the U.S.-Mexico borderlands are the “ground zero in the war on drugs.
That’s the assessment of the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (ACJC), the state office that receives federal criminal-justice grants -- and which then redistributes these Department of Justice (DOJ) grants to Arizona’s multiagency drug task forces and other counternarcotics programs."

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