Sep 12, 2011

Drug War: The Zetas in Guatamala - Part III: A Guatemalan Response?

Insightcrime: "On December 18, 2010, a local soccer league in Coban held its championship match. One team featured Alta Verapaz’s governor at the time, Jose Adrian Lopez. The other team featured Horst Walther Overdick, one of Guatemala's most powerful drug traffickers. Overdick’s team won, but as a local newspaper said, the governor got his “revenge” when the government sent in troops and extra police as part of a state of siege in Alta Verapaz the next day. The siege lasted two months during which time military personnel arrested 22 suspects, and seized small amounts of cash, as well as 41 vehicles, 39 mostly Kalashnikov assault rifles and 23 German-made machine guns.

It was hailed by the government as a success. However, former government officials from Alta Verapaz said those captured were not big players. "

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