Sep 29, 2011

The Border: Is violence spilling across the border? New report sheds little light

For a recent critical look at the Texas "border security model, see our post by Tom Barry of the TransBorder Project. The "retired generals," who produced the report discussed in this article run a security consulting firm and are the designers and operators of Texas' border security program. So by painting a picture of increasing violence, they are making the case that Texas needs to do more and, therefore, pay them more money. Most of the money comes from federal grants, not state funds. See also: Tom Barry's indepth report on the Texas strategy, At War in Texas 

Focal Point: "Few topics in Texas are more politically charged than the issue of violence spilling into Texas from the ongoing drug war in Mexico. ... But what’s been missing in the debate is conclusive evidence of whether spillover violence is actually occurring along the Texas border.

As we reported in Tuesday’s paper, the latest report seeking to bring clarity to the issue is the $80,000 “Texas Border Security: A Strategic Military Assessment.” Produced by two retired generals and commissioned by the Texas Departments of Agriculture and Public Safety, the report comes to some powerful conclusions: Not only is spillover violence real, but conditions on both sides of the Texas border are akin to a “war zone” and border residents are under attack “around the clock.” America’s fight against “narco-terrorism” is taking on “the classic trappings of a real war.”

But the report relies not on new statistics, or analysis of existing statistics. Instead it largely uses anonymous anecdotal evidence from ranchers and farmers, most of it culled from online postings. (The website, is run by the state agriculture department and aims to win more federal help for border security.)"

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