Sep 3, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Mexican officials report slaying of high-ranking Gulf Cartel leader "Mexican authorities on Friday announced the death of a man believed to be the No. 2 leader in the Gulf Cartel, saying the slaying appeared to have been the result an internal power struggle. Samuel Flores Borrego, 39, also known as “Metro 3,” was gunned down alongside a high-ranking police official from Diaz Ordaz known as Eloy Lerma Garcia, according to a statement from the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office.

... Preliminary investigation of the incident that led to Flores death points to a power struggle within the Gulf Cartel, according to the Mexican army and the Mexico Attorney General’s Office (PGR). Official information sources identified Flores as the cartel boss responsible for overseeing operations in the Reynosa area."

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