Sep 21, 2011

Mexico Human Rights: Charges For “Twitter Terrorists” To Be Lessened

Mexico: Charges For “Twitter Terrorists” To Be Lessened: " Lawmakers in the Mexican state of Veracruz approved a law Tuesday designed to lessen terrorism and sabotage charges filed against the so-called “Twitter terrorists.” Gilberto Martínez and María de Jesús Bravo allegedly caused a panic last month in the Mexican port city of Veracruz by tweeting rumors of purported drug cartel shootouts.

The new legislation creates a disturbance of the peace charge so prosecutors can revise the indictments against the two. Javier Duarte , the governor of Veracruz, proposed the changes last month after receiving pressure from the Roman Catholic Church and civic groups. He has still not set a date for signing the legislation into law."

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