Sep 14, 2011

Movement for Peace with Justice: MEXICO: Peace Caravan "Has Made Us Feel Stronger"

IPS "OAXACA, Mexico: With a hug Olga Reyes from Chihuahua, who has lost six family members in Mexico's wave of drug-related violence, greets Araceli Rodríguez from Mexico state, the mother of a young federal police officer who "disappeared" in Michoacán two years ago.

They are both travelling with the Peace Caravan, heading for Mexico's southern border with Guatemala....

Led by poet Javier Sicilia, the caravan is headed south to pick up supporters of the movement, which opposes the militarisation of the country in the fight against drug trafficking. On the fourth day of the caravan's progress, Sicilia was welcomed with flowers and incense by people from 16 indigenous communities at the ancient Zapotec ceremonial centre at Monte Albán in Oaxaca state.

"This caravan is strengthening awareness and strengthening hearts, and it is making people stand up tall," said Carmelina Santiago, of the Flor y Canto Indigenous Rights Centre.

The procession of vehicles, which left Mexico City Friday Sept. 9, is going to Ciudad Hidalgo in the southern state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala, to apologise on behalf of all Mexicans for the murders of Central American migrants."

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