Sep 30, 2011

U.S. - Mexican Relations: U.S.-Mexico border governors sign crime-fighting pacts

The absurdity of this meeting -- only one of three U.S. governors and only three of six Mexican governors attended --  and its ostensible "outcome" reflects, to us, the absurdity of U.S. and Mexican policy and "collaborative" strategy regarding the "drug war." 

Reuters: "Governors along the U.S.-Mexico border agreed on Thursday to examine how to create shared databases where they can swap DNA and other biometric information on criminals in an effort to curb the flow of guns and drugs between the two countries. Officials announced the agreement at the end of an annual conference of regional leaders from both sides of the border that this year failed to attract many chief executives.

New Mexico's Republican governor Susana Martinez was the only U.S. governor in attendance along with three governors, out of the six invited, from the Mexican side. The Texas governor, Republican Presidential hopeful Rick Perry, was not present and his state did not sign the final agreement."

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