Oct 1, 2011

The Border: Border Patrol tells family of slain teen to remove memorial

Bureaucratic "authority" versus personal sorrow. Another example of the split between the perspectives of state power and human need and vulnerability.

Arizona Daily Star: "The family of a young man shot in the back and killed by a Border Patrol agent in March following a high-speed chase has until Sunday to remove a shrine they put up at the border fence in Douglas.

The Border Patrol sent a letter this week to Guadalupe Guer-rero, informing her that the shrine in honor of her son, Carlos Lamadrid, 19, will be destroyed if it isn't removed because construction on a 6-mile border fence replacement project begins Wednesday. ... "Because these items have been placed on federal government property, it is well within CBP's authority to remove them if they remain in the area," the letter says."

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