Oct 22, 2011

Drug Legalization: Former Mexican President Vicente Fox Passionately Calls On U.S. to Stop Bloodshed by Legalizing Drugs

Former President Fox continues his legalization campaign.

Huffington Post: "Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made a passionate and powerful call for an end to the war on drugs and called on the United States to legalize drugs to help reduce the violence in Mexico in an interview with BBC TV this week. Fox is critical of current Mexican President Calderon and the U.S. government's counterproductive "drug control" strategy -- and says they are responsible for the 50,000 prohibition-related deaths in Mexico in just the last five years. Fox explains that the United States should learn from the history of alcohol prohibition and that the answer to today's violence is to legalize drugs and treat them as a health issue, rather than a criminal issue." read more

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