Oct 1, 2011

Drug War: Big Government Breaks Bad in Drug War

A critical review, from our colleague at the TransBorder Project, of the recently released "National Drug Threat Assessment" done by the Department of Justice's National Drug Intelligence Center. See Americas MexicoBlog's assessment of this report. "Further Delusions of Power." 

Border Lines: "In early September the National Drug Intelligence Center released its annual “National Drug Threat Assessment,” which warns: 'The illicit trafficking and abuse of drugs present a challenging, dynamic threat to the United States. Overall demand is rising, largely supplied by illicit drugs smuggled to U.S. markets by major transnational criminal organizations (TCOs).'

... What is more, according to this new intelligence assessment, the expanding U.S. demand for illegal drugs is being readily met by a new array of TCOs based in Mexico.(that) have emerged to meet the rising demand for illegal drugs in the United States — this despite the new drug war aid to Mexico and the dramatic increases in U.S. border security operations, including an major expansion of border counternarcotics operations of the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, and Defense.

Nowhere in this new threat assessment – or that can be found anywhere else in the federal drug war bureaucracy — is there any hint of any admission of failure or any recommendation that drug prohibition policies be reexamined."

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