Oct 20, 2011

Immigration Politics: Obama is in Real Trouble with Latinos

Huffington Post: "facing double-digit unemployment and Obama's broken promises on immigration reform, Latinos are disaffected from the president and aren't especially energized about voting for him. The latest Gallup poll has Obama's approval rating among Hispanics down to 48%, the lowest of his presidency, and down from 60% in January of this year.

... while 16% of the US population is Latino, just 9% of voters are. And their influence tends to be felt regionally because the population is also highly concentrated. Obviously, that influence is much higher in states like California, where nearly half the Latino population lives. But California is already a "safe" Blue state. Far more critical are the "battleground" states, especially Florida, where roughly 22% of the electorate in Latino, and the Southwestern "swing" states, where Latinos range from a low of 10% of the electorate in Colorado to a high of almost 40% in New Mexico." read more

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