Oct 27, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Data Shows Declining Violence in Guerrero Due to Military Operation

A side note: the Mexican government has implied that the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity is in danger of being coopted by political parties. This article shows that Calderon is trying to coopt the Peace Movement. The cry that he used in his speech in Acapulco, "You are not alone!" is from the Movement, called out to victims of the drug war when they tell their stories. The Movement's Caravan to the South was in Acapulco on Sept. 10, and many victims testified of their losses and pain.

Justice in Mexico: "18 days after a military operation called Coordinated Operation for a Secure Guerrero (Operación Cordinado Guerrero Seguro) was launched on October 6 to control the escalating violence in the resort city of Acapulco, murder rates have declined 42% said Mexican President Felipe Calderón at the inauguration of a Guerrero mining convention.

According to data provided by the federal government’s Department of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública, SSP), homicides declined from 4.2 in a day to between 2.4 and zero on certain days. The increasing cartel violence reported in Acapulco, Guerrero and the state of Veracruz forced federal authorities to recently launch a number of military actions and clean up the state and local police offices.

... “You are not alone; your problems are our problems,” concluded Calderón to the residents of Acapulco." read more

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