Oct 19, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Lies, damned lies and statistics in Mexico's drugs war?

The story of one family and one death in Veracruz that illustrates the many unanswered questions about the Mexican government's war on drugs. 

BBC News: "Janet Figueroa still weeps for her father. It is four months since he was gunned down in Xalapa, the state capital of Veracruz. Eleven people died in the attack. When she was taken to identify her father's body the police showed her a photo of him slumped in a black vehicle, with a large machine gun by his side. She says the state governor immediately announced that all of those killed were "criminals" who had "bitten the dust".

But Joaquin Figueroa was a mechanic who had left work that evening in a white pick-up truck with two colleagues. According to Ms Figueroa, he had never been involved in crime and did not own a gun. She accuses the authorities of manipulating the facts and figures." read more

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