Oct 6, 2011

Mexico Drug War: US military aids Mexico in drug war | GlobalPost

Mexico News: US military aids Mexico in drug war | GlobalPost:  (M)any (victories) by Mexico’s marines (over cartels have been) helped largely by U.S.-supplied equipment and training with the U.S. Northern Command in Colorado.

“We have learned from American officers who have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan,” said the corporal, who asked that his name not be used as he is not authorized to speak to the media. “The Americans suffer from similar types of ambushes in their wars, and have learned how to respond to them in a tight, disciplined way. We apply those techniques to our fight here.”

Extensive training of the Mexican marines is one of several ways in which the U.S. military machine has quietly escalated its role in Mexico’s ultra-violent drug war in the last two years.

... Some commentators here say new American involvement violates Mexico’s constitution. Political analyst Jose Antonio Crespo argues that the United States is supporting a war that simply doesn’t work. “Launching a frontal combat against all the drug cartels at once is just causing more violence and not getting to the roots of the problem,” Crespo said. “The United States encourages this failed policy. And then it gets concerned by all the violence it causes.”"

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