Oct 11, 2011

Mexico Police: Mexico City Wants You to Get to Know Your Local Cop, in a Good Way

Fox News Latino: "Mexico City’s police are working overtime to change their image with a public that has long doubted, disrespected and even reviled law enforcement. Police in the country’s capital city have reorganized to be more responsive and have instituted a new program requiring cops to get to know the neighbors.

Police sectors, previously divided into 10-square-mile chunks, have been redrawn this year into one-square-mile areas or smaller. There are now 918 new quadrants, and officers in charge in each of three daily shifts are knocking on doors to introduce themselves. They are handing out flyers and stickers with their photos and cell phone numbers.

Since the city’s quadrants were redrawn in April and police began officially meeting residents in June, there are marked improvements in response times and community relations, say police. They are catching more suspects and crime is down. ... whereas police used to apprehend a suspect in fewer than 8 percent of cases, they are now catching suspects in 20 percent of cases. Ibarra attributes both improvements to the new “Quadrant System,” as it is called here.

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