Nov 13, 2011

Drug Legalization: Colombian president calls for global rethink on drugs

The Observer: "Colombia's president has called for governments around the world, including the UK, to debate legalising certain drugs – even cocaine. Juan Manuel Santos's call for an international rethink on drugs represents a significant raising of the ante in the debate on the merits of prohibition. He is the highest-profile incumbent politician to openly question whether there needs to be a comprehensive overhaul of global drugs laws.

In an interview in the Observer, Santos calls for a new approach to "take away the violent profit that comes with drug trafficking... If that means legalising, and the world thinks that's the solution, I will welcome it. I'm not against it." He stressed that the initiative would work only if it was co-ordinated internationally and emphasised the vital role that the UK, the US and the European Union would have to play in shaping the debate." read more

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