Nov 11, 2011

Drug War and Social Media: 'Twitter Manifesto' Confronts Gang Threats to Mexico Bloggers

InSight Crime: "A team of social media users in Mexico have written a "Twitter Manifesto" in reaction to the latest killing of an alleged online chat forum administrator. Some of their demands are untenable, raising questions about what actions bloggers can really take to protect themselves. Speaking in the name of bloggers and Twitter users in violence-ridden states like Tamaulipas, the manifesto gives voice to the apprehension and anger circulating through some online media networks in Mexico.

... Within the buzzing community of social media users along the Mexico-U.S. border, comes the "Twitter Manifesto." But when the document asks the government to better garantee "cybersecurity" and "freedom of speech" online, it only highlights the difficulty of enforcing these requests. ... Recognizing the futility of asking Mexican authorities for more protection from the threat, some have turned to issuing best practices. On another forum -- the Frontera listserve -- security consultant Gordon Housworth shared suggestions on how social media users can better protect themselves from the threat of criminal gangs." read more

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