Nov 30, 2011

Drug War Bloodshed: Member of Mexico’s growing anti-crime protest movement found slain in hometown - The Washington Post

AP/Washington Post: " An activist who publicly accused police officers of kidnapping his teenage son was shot to death in an attack that instantly fueled Mexico’s bitter nationwide debate over crime and corruption.

Corrupt officials were being blamed Tuesday by citizen activists who worked with Nepomuceno Moreno in a national anti-crime movement that has been calling for an end to organized crime, police abuse and a military-led government assault on drug cartels. The prosecutor’s office in the northern border state of Sonora told reporters, however, that Moreno had a criminal past and it was that, not activism, which appeared to have led to his death.

Javier Sicilia, of the Movement for Peace with Justice, said, “The family is terrified. This is collusion with crime. Otherwise it’s not possible for a man to be killed like this. ... I don’t know where the state ends and organized crime begins.”" read more

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