Nov 24, 2011

Drug War: Speculation on Homicide Rate Distracts from Real Issues in Mexico

InSight Crime takes a critical look at how the "homicide rate" in Mexico is variously calculated,  whether it is accurate and whether such date diverts the media from investigating more important questions about how crime is defined and then treated by the justice system of police, courts and prisons.

InSight Crime: "The annual race to chart Mexico’s homicide rates has begun, but an examination of the claim that the drug-related killings have levelled off shows the inadequacy of this measure.

Some news outlets have kicked off by reporting that drug-related homicides in Mexico may have plateaued. However, tracing the trail of such data shows the futility of trying to use this metric to understand Mexico’s crime problem and ignores the more important question of how to lower the actual murder rate." read more

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