Nov 17, 2011

Drug War: Feds take on Mexico’s Zetas cartel in Chicago-based prosecution

Chicago Sun-Times: "Federal authorities Wednesday announced their first prosecution in Chicago of suspected drug traffickers allegedly linked to Mexico’s notorious Zetas drug cartel. The two-year case by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the FBI is the latest in a series of prosecutions alleging Chicago is a hub of drug trafficking for cartels...

... On Wednesday, authorities announced they have charged 20 people, including five alleged members of a Chicago-based cell of Zetas. ... Among those charged was Eduardo Trevino, believed to be the uncle of Miguel Trevino — a top Zeta leader known as Z-40. Eduardo Trevino, of Nuevo Laredo, directed the group’s transportation of drug money from Chicago to Mexico, authorities said. He and four other defendants remain fugitives." read more

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