Nov 3, 2011

Immigration Crackdown - the Reality: Amid record deportations from the US, Mexico urges migrants to head home Nogales, Mexico. "Day and night, hundreds of Mexican migrants stream into this border city after being deported from the US amid record deportations taking place under the Obama administration. At one migrant shelter in Nogales workers encourage deportees to return home rather than attempt to cross into the US illegally again, through the treacherous desert that spans both sides of the border.

“There’s a federal program that will pay for your bus ticket so you can get back home,” Valente Camacho Terraza tells a group of migrants arriving at the center, which functions both as a shelter and transportation company. But "home" for many of them is not the interior town from which they left, but cities in the US where they have worked for a decade or two, or sometimes more. " read more

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