Nov 7, 2011

Immigration Politics: Mexican Senators Come to U.S. in Hopes of Influencing Immigration Debate

Feet in 2 Worlds: "A group of Mexican senators ... are visiting their U.S. counterparts in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and Utah to try to influence the immigration debate. These states have passed restrictive immigration laws that are currently being challenged in the court system by the U.S. government and civil rights groups.

“We have high hopes that these laws will not take effect,” Sen. Carlos Jimenez Macias said through an interpreter. Macias and the other Mexican senators spoke last Tuesday at a workshop on international immigration in Washington, D.C. ... “We don’t want the problem of anti-immigrant laws to Mexicanize itself,” ... Macias said that they want state and federal legislators to understand that migration is a constitutive part of globalization and is greatly influenced by market forces, that is, by supply and demand. If there were no demand for migrant labor in the U.S., then people would not cross the border." read more

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