Nov 24, 2011

Immigration Realities: Assimilation Tomorrow: How America’s Immigrants Will Integrate by 2030

Center for American Progress: "The Center for American Progress today released a ... study that projects today’s immigrants’ integration patterns through the year 2030. The report, “Assimilation Tomorrow: How America’s Immigrants Will Integrate by 2030,” The ... report finds that at astonishingly high levels, immigrants are projected to learn English, buy homes, acquire citizenship, and attain solid economic footing in the United States.

... Hispanic immigrants as well are projected to make great strides. Contrary to the assertions of some who argue that Hispanic immigrants are not assimilating and will not assimilate to American life, the authors find that these newcomers follow the same upward trajectory as immigrants overall, albeit from a lower starting point. Homeownership, for example, jumps from 21 percent of the Hispanic immigrant population in 2000 to 67 percent in 2030.

CAP Vice President for Immigration Policy and Advocacy Angela Kelley notes, “This research is a must-read for any policymaker who is concerned that America's newcomers aren't becoming new Americans and for politicians who think the immigrant community can be ignored."" read more

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