Nov 9, 2011

Mexican Views: Can Mexico win the war against drugs?

From Mexico, two evluations of the war on the drug cartels: the official, and upbeat, point of view of the Calderon government and a look at the damage and losses from a political scientist.

Americas Quarterly: "Can Mexico win the war against drugs?

Yes, says Alejandro Poiré who was the Mexican government's spokesman for security affairs at the time of writing this article and now serves as director general at the Center for Intelligence and National Security (CISEN).
"By working with Mexican civil society and reforming the police force, we are scoring major victories."

No, says José Merino who is professor of political science at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México.
"The battle against narcotics traffickers has undermined exactly what is needed to win this war: the rule of law." read more

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