Nov 8, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Amid Gulf Cartel infighting, leaders taken in by U.S. authorities

This article from a Rio Grande newspaper reads like a tangled 'whodunnit.' but it seems to be saying that some Mexican cartel members are fleeing across the border--and even turning themselves in to U.S. authorities--to save their own lives from war raging between two factions of the Gulf Cartel.

The Rio Grande "An internal Gulf Cartel struggle may have directly caused at least two recent kidnappings in the Rio Grande Valley, as well as an apparent exodus of lieutenants who are looking for safety on U.S. soil. In the last two weeks of October, Rafael “El Junior” Cardenas Vela, Eudoxio “El Bocho” Ramos Garcia and Jose Luis “Comandante Wicho” Zuniga Hernandez were arrested by U.S authorities in Port Isabel, Rio Grande City and Santa Maria, respectively." read more

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