Nov 7, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Can There be Spillover Hunger?

A look at the history of perceiving demons coming from Mexico compared to the facts.
See our page, 'A Disastrous Metaphor' for more on the U.S. propensity to avoid domestic issues by projecting them onto external enemies. 

HORIZON: Mexico: "Spillover violence is one of the tricksters in Mexico’s organized-crime emergency. How much is the violence in Mexico spilling into the United States? The answer is complicated by a long tradition of peering south at Mexico’s struggles, and seeing demons.

... alarms over spillover violence hide two key truths: a) similar kinds of violence have ALWAYS spilled across the border, without the world coming to an end; and b) the real need for vigilance now, in case of any future increase, doesn’t mean that a wave of U.S.-side chaos coming from Mexico is a presentday reality (if it ever develops at all)." read more

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