Nov 15, 2011

Mexico Politics: Lopez Obrador to run for president in 2012

Reuters: "Left-wing stalwart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Tuesday he will again run for Mexico's presidency in 2012, six years after his razor-thin loss in the last election sparked extended massive protests. Lopez Obrador, 58, a champion of the poor in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line, beat Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard in a survey carried out among 6,000 supporters of left-wing parties.

"The survey results are in my favor ... I will participate in the 2012 electoral contest," Lopez Obrador told a news conference. The survey asked five questions and he won three of them. The survey was carried out to see which of the two had more grassroots support and Lopez Obrador and Ebrard had said they would let the results decide who contested the election." read more

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