Nov 18, 2011

Mexico Politics and the Drug War: Pending amendments would criminalize inciting crime through music, media

Justice in Mexico: " Last Thursday, November 10, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies’ Justice Commission ... unanimously approved a proposal to criminalize the incitement of crime through music, banners, video, live shows, or the media, reports El Universal. Such incitement would become illegal only in cases where a person or entity publically instigates a criminal action with the purpose of causing its fulfillment, according to legislative reports.

The new law could punish singers of Mexico’s beloved drug ballads (narcocorridos) with years in prison for promoting a criminal activity through song, even if the encouraged crime is never actually carried out. ... Initiatives to ban narcocorridos in recent years, at the state and municipal level, have drawn significant criticism. 

According to reports, one academic expert who studies narcocorridos attributes their popularity to, on one hand, many Mexicans’ longing to identify with an “anti-hero,” given the problems many citizens face in society today, and, on the other hand, an outlet for celebration and happiness. As such, the expert predicted that a ban on the music would only strengthen the public’s attachment to it. " read more

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