Nov 18, 2011

Police Abuse: Mexico state’s rights officials allege former Tijuana police chief abused, tortured suspects

Washington Post: " A former police chief in the border city of Tijuana and several subordinates violated the human rights of suspects and broke the law by torturing people in custody, state human rights officials charged Thursday. Baja California state’s Human Rights Commission and human rights prosecutor made the accusation in a report on the allegations against former chief Julian Leyzaola and others.

Leyzaola, a retired army lieutenant colonel, become known nationally as a tough cop after cracking down on police corruption and drug gang violence in Tijuana. He resigned the Tijuana post in November 2010, but his success there spurred another violence-wracked border city, Ciudad Juarez, to hire him as police chief last March. In both cities, Leyzaola or his subordinates have been dogged by accusations of abuse." read more

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