Dec 12, 2011

Drug Laundering: Mexico President's Office Says Mexico Didn't Know of DEA Money Laundering

Translated by MexicoBlog. 

Reforma: "Alejandra Sota, spokesperson for President Felipe Calderon, denied that the Government of Mexico had knowledge of the money laundering operation of agents of the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as part of the fight against drug trafficking.

"No, the Mexican government did not know and it is important to note that we have initiated an investigation by the Attorney General's Office to determine responsibilities and, in any case, to investigate if there was such involvement," said Sota to the Univision Network. The New York Times reported last weekend that the DEA has been laundering or smuggling millions of dollars in profits of Mexican drug cartels as a strategy in the fight against drug trafficking." Reforma only allows subscribers access to its website.

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