Dec 1, 2011

Drug War: Money Laundering Crackdown Flounders in Mexico, But Does it Really Matter?

InSight Crime critiques the idea that going after the laundering of drug profits is critical in the war on drugs.

InSight Crime: "Despite a gathering consensus around the idea of making financial ops a key part of Mexico's drug strategy, cracking down on money laundering will never be able to make a real impact on organized crime in the country.

... (The general beiief is) that neither the U.S. nor the Mexican government is doing enough to tamp down on money laundering. However, it’s also worth considering another possibility: the figures are so paltry because anti-money laundering (AML) efforts are exceedingly difficult, which makes it unlikely that AML will ever be a significant tool in the fight against organized crime. " read more

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