Dec 13, 2011

Drug War Money Laundering: Justice Department says DEA drug-laundering “stings” date back to Reagan presidency

After nearly thirty years, the DEA is still trying to trap those drug lords and still thinks this will help "win" the war on drugs. blog: "A top Justice Department official on Wednesday confirmed the existence of ongoing investigations where agents have laundered drug-proceed money to Mexican drug cartels as part of a sting run, but he defended those probes against Republicans’ attacks.

Congress gave the Drug Enforcement Administration the authority to conduct such sting runs as far back as 1984, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Ronald Weich told Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., in a letter, obtained by Texas on the Potomac. In investigations during the Ronald Reagan administration, some in which agents laundered over $100 million, they gained access to the top levels of drug-cartel leadership, Weich wrote." read more

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