Dec 17, 2011

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: One student killed in Guerrero was the breadwinner for his family

Translated by MexicoBlog

CNN Mexico: "Discipline characterized Gabriel Echeverria, a 21-year-old who, like Alexis Jorge Herrera, was killed during a clash between students of the Normal Rural Ayotzinapa and security forces on a highway in Chilpancingo, the capital of Gurrero. 'Quiet' and 'fair' were also words used by relatives and friends to describe Gabriel.

As the eldest son, he always took responsibility for his family, his father, age 67, told CNNMéxico. The father is unable to work after suffering a stroke. Over the past three years, Gabriel both studied and worked to help family finances. Gabriel's father says that he will not recover from this " hard blow", especially because he saw the body of his son on the highway. "I was around when they were shooting. I shouted (at the police) that they had no mother, because they were shooting them," he recalled.

... Antonio García Suárez, Gabriel's friend for three years and with whom he shared a bedroom in the Normal Rural said that Gabriel's circumstances were always precarious. His house is located in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Tixtla Township in central Guerrero.

"Gabriel had to work to bring money home. Gabriel was serious, very quiet. We became friends because we were participating in the student committee, but sometimes even I was surprised by how quiet he was. He was very quiet; he didn't interfere with anyone, he didn't look for trouble, "said Antonio.

Gabriel's dream was to be a physical education teacher and support his mother, according to his friend. "His family was what mattered to him; he always said that when he finished he would support his mother."

"Gabriel has a brother who is about to finish high school, his dad cannot work because he is sick, and so he had to work at whatever he could, because his mother sells food. The family depended on him. These are the things that make them angry, because they know everything depended on him," said Antonio Garcia." Spanish original

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