Dec 2, 2011

Mexico Drug War: Despite Raids, Tijuana Tunnels Keep Humming Underground

A somewhat irreverant look at who may--or may not--be winning the war on drugs: the mole whackers or the moles, who just keep digging. "The tunnel ran for almost half a mile, .... Energy-saving light bulbs illuminated the route. A motorized cart on metal rails ensured quick passage, (and there was) a steel elevator...

And yet, (a) simple fact (was) obscured by superlatives like “the most elaborate” and “the most sophisticated,” which officials seem to lather on each new find. Tunnels are Tijuana. They have become an inevitable, always-under-construction or always-operating part of city life, as entrenched as cheap pharmacies and strip clubs.

... The evidence around the tunnel ... suggested that the operation had been going for months,... At that rate, hundreds of tons of marijuana worth hundreds of millions of dollars would have moved through this one tunnel during its life span. ... Most likely somewhere nearby, in another tunnel, the flow continues. The next announcement and news tour may be only weeks away." read more

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