Dec 24, 2011

Mexico Justice: Survivors and relatives of the Royale casino fire will reconsturct the attack

CNN Mexico: Survivors and relatives of the 52 victims of the bombing of the Casino Royale will give their testtimony to refute the results of the official investigation performed at the gambling house, which concluded that the tragedy was inevitable. This was told to CNNMéxico  by Samara Pérez Muñiz, who survived the attack which occurred last August 25 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

"(It is intended to) provide much evidence as survivors. There is a lot, such as that employees told us where to get out. There should be a reconstruction of the facts," she said. The reconstruction will be done with the prosecutor handling the case and a dozen family members and survivors, and the tentative date is during January 2012.

... The Attorney General's Office (PGR) had announced on December 8 ... that the building did not meet the safety conditions of Industrial Safety and Civil Protection laws, (it was reported that emergency exits were sealed or blocked) but ... noted that these failures were not decisive in causing or contributing to the tragedy. Spanish original

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