Dec 26, 2011

Mexico & U.S. Politics and the Drug War: Fuentes Pessimistic about Mexican Politics, No Hope for Drug War Solution without U.S.

Border Lines: "In a recent BBC Mundo interview, noted Mexican writer and intellectual Carlos Fuentes discussed the current tumultuous political situation in Mexico.

... Fuentes stated that the traditional parties in Mexico –PRI, PAN and PRD -- offer no solutions for the grave crisis affecting the country, and that their proposals to address the power of organized crime lack clarity and have attracted little public enthusiasm. “The problems are too big, and the politics are too small,” the writer said with regard to the situation in Mexico.

... Fuentes has also observed that all efforts directed toward fighting drug trafficking in Mexico will be useless unless the United States addresses the demand for drugs in its territory. In 2010, through a live chat with readers of the Spanish newspaper El Pais, Fuentes said that drugs are largely bought in the United States and it is there that decriminalization should begin." read more

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