Dec 25, 2011

Mexico Violence: Mexico is in first place in sexual violence: UN

translated by MexicoBlog

Milenio: Mexico ranks first in sexual assaults against women, according to a 2010 United Nations Organization (UN) report. A global comparative study of the body of women who have suffered sexual violence indicates that Mexico stands out with 44 percent, followed by Costa Rica with 41, the Czech Republic 35 and Denmark with 28 percent.

... The Ministry of Health estimates that in the country around 120,000 rapes occur per year, ie. one every four minutes, although to date no comprehensive care is provided to the victims because there is no effective follow-up of cases. This results in only one in ten cases of sexual violence against women in Latin America being punished by the justice system, according to figures from the Regional Office of Population Fund of the United Nations.

Nationally, there is a high level of crime victimization, (85 percent), with only 15 percent of crimes are reported to the authorities and of these only five percent come before a judge." Spanish original

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