Jan 9, 2012

Drug War: As Brazil Booms, So Do New Drug Routes

New America Media: "SAO PAOLO, Brazil--In this, the financial capital of the largest economy in Latin America, the current economic boom is fast transforming Brazil into the new transport point for the drug trade.

As Mexico’s War on Drugs takes its toll on the organizational structure of the drug cartels straddling the U.S.-Mexico border, the Narcos are shifting their operations closer to the source of the cocaine that fuels the global drug trade. It is no coincidence that the escalated conflict with the drug cartels launched by Mexican President Felipe Calderón, who took office in 2006, has contributed to the new axis emerging in Brazil.

There, as the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reports, seizures of illicit drugs in Brazil have climbed 10 fold, from 25 tons in 2005 to more than 260 tons in 2009. (See World Drug Report: 2011.)" read more

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