Jan 6, 2012

Human Rights - Guerrero: Students from Ayotzinapa begin caravan to the Capital

Milenio: Chilpancingo, Guerrero:  "This morning dozens of students from the Rural Normal School, Raul Isidro  Brugos of Ayotzinapa, began a protest caravan to Mexico City on board 19 vehicles in order to demand a solution to their list of petitions. According to reports from municipal authorities, the students seized 19 buses, a  bakery truck and those of other companies as part of their plan of action.

The protesters called for clarification of the murder of their fellow students, Jorge Alexis Herrera Pino and Gabriel Echeverría de Jesus, both killed in a clash with police elements, while blocking the Highway of the Sun on December 12.

The students stated that due to the lack of results provided by state authorities, they decided to take their movement to the nation's capital today to demand a solution. In addition to clarifying the facts, they demand impeachment proceedings against the governor of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre Rivero, and respect for the Ayotzinapa Normal School.

The students have not had classes for two months because of an internal conflict between the teachers over the appointment of a new dircetor, which provoked protests from the students." Spanish original

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