Jan 5, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Congressional committee will require clarification of what happened between student teachers and police in Guerrero

The story of the killing of two students from a teachers college in Guerrero in December continues, with ongoing investigations and back and forth accusations between various federal bodies and state officials. 

We are maintaing a running summary of headlines in this complex story, which is highly illustrative of many dynamics in Mexican political conflicts: between citizens and state and federal governments; between government agencies and between political parties. Here is the latest development, which provides something of an overview of the players and the conflicts. Translated by MexicoBlog

La Jornada"The special commission of congressional deputies to followup on the acts of repression against students from the rural normal school in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, has been established. At this point, the coordinator of the parliamentary group of PRD (the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, of which the governor of Guerrero is a member), Armando Rios Piter, demanded that the state government clarify the facts and exhibit to the participants in the skirmish: who detonated weapons, who committed criminal acts against the student teachers and who set fire to the gas station, so that they may be shown to be criminals.

Rios Piter added that the student teachers "are going beyond simple protest. We have indicated the need to clarify as soon as possible what happened, who killed the two students and the gas station manager, who--in a heroic act--prevented it from exploding. ... We cannot allow the demonstrations of the student teachers, however legitimate, to violate the law. We cannot allow for these events to be given leeway and then the students begin to take actions contrary to the public, whether (in Guerrero) or elsewhere."

... The congressional commission will monitor the investigation of the confrontation between student teachers of Ayotzinapa and state and federal police in order to gather information leading to those responsible for the killings. Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo, President of the Permanent Commission of Congress, reported that the working group will be accompanied by a group of students in meetings scheduled with the governor of Guerrero, Angel Heladio Aguirre; the Attorney General's Office of Maricela Morales and Public Safety Secretary Genaro Garcia Luna, to report on the status of the investigation." Spanish original

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