Jan 7, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Guerrero Students asks congressmen to mediate so that they are not criminalized

Milenio: "Congressman Gerardo Fernandez Noroña received a committee of 25 normal school students who expressed their concern over the lack of progress and the delivery of information by the Ministry of Public Security and the Attorney General to the National Human Rights Commission. The legislator agreed to present his support on this matter to the plenary session of the Standing Committee of Congress next Wednesday,  that federal agencies not hinder the delivery of information.

The students, who marched this afternoon through the streets of the capital, announced that they will meet again next Tuesday at the Legislative Palace of San Lazaro (federal Chamber of Deputies) in order to find out what information is given by the head of the Federal Police, Genaro Garcia Luna, and of Public Education, Alonso Lujambio. These officials will meet prior to that date with the Congressional Special Commission that will clarify the events of last December 12.

In addition, the students asked the legislature to mediate with the governor of Guerrero, Angel Aguirre, so that he does not criminalize them or polarize the incident in which two student teachers were killed during a protest in the Autopista del Sol."  Spanish original

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