Jan 10, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Students ask Human Rights Commission to take testimony of those injured; citizens group threatens to take things into its own hands to stop student disruptions

La Jornada: "Pablo Juarez, a pupil at the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa, on behalf of the student base, welcomed the results of the preliminary report of the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) and announced that these results will radicalize their movement.

He said that next Friday, when a committee of that Commission is visting on campus, the students will propose that it take the testimony of nine students who were detained and wounded, beaten or tortured. These include Gerardo Peña Torre, on whom  the police planted an AK-47 rifle, in order to incriminate him. They forced him to shoot the rifle in a vacant lot adjacent to the municipal seat of Eduardo Neri.

The spokesman also said that the students found that although the CNDH report shows favorable results, "We believe the missing testimony of the nine students may build the case for criminal liabilities."

He denied that classes, which have been suspended since November 7, have restarted at the school, contrary to what was reported this morning by the Secretary of Education in Guerrero, Silvia Romero Suárez. "That's not true, we have not been informed in writing whether the director, Director Eugenio Hernandez, has been removed, which is one of the demands of the student movement."

... On another front, one of the citizens and business organizations of Chilpancingo, part of the group Citizens United for Guerrero, distributed leaflets in various shops in the capital warning the state government that if it not intervene "to stop the students" from the normal school, they will do it.

The flyer, which was distributed by some hawkers since early morning today, contained color photos of various demonstrations that normal school students implemented in recent years and the following legend: "We demand an end to lawlessness and impunity which motivates the normal school criminals. No more blockades! We demand respect! If the government can not do it, will we do it, enough already! Signed "Citizens United for Guerrero"." Spanish original

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