Jan 16, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Rights Commission reconstructs police confrontation with students

La Jornada: Visitors from the National Commission on Human Rights (CNDH) undertook the reconstruction of the December 12 police action in the Highway of the Sun, which killed two students from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa . Aided by members of the Federal Police (PF) and the use of mannequins that simulate the bodies of  Jorge Alexis Herrera Pino and Gabriel Echeverria de Jesus, the students killed, two experts in ballistics used lasers to simulate the trajectory of the bullets that killed the two students.

The survey was conducted Thursday night by criminal investigation experts Ricardo Sandoval and Alejandro Coronado. The head visitor, Luis Garcia Lopez Guerrero, announced Friday that based on this expertise, "it is confirmed that the weapons causing the death (of the students) were fired from west to east, i.e., from where the ministerial (investigative) police were.

On Friday Lopez Guerrero led a delegation of 20 inspectors of the CNDH, lawyers and experts who heard the testimony of nine students were injured during the police action. The head visitor reported that it has not completed its investigation and does not rule out subpoenaing state and federal officials to testify, including the Secretary of Government of Guerrero, Humberto Salgado Gomez, and federal Secretary of Public Security, Genaro Garcia Luna.

He expressed regret that 32 days after the event, with 31 people aggrieved, two dead, one tortured, four with bullet wounds, the driver of a tractor-trailer wronged, an entire community offended because of this, there isn't a single public servant of the Mexican State subject to criminal prosecution.

The delegation of the National Human Rights Commission visited the school and was received by Pablo Juarez, a student leader who led a tour of the campus facilities: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and soccer field.

... About the statement of the former attorney general of Guerrero, Alberto Lopez Rosas, that the preliminary report of CNDH is biased, Lopez Guerrero said, " We have pointed out very forcefully that the first authority to arrive at the scene was the Federal Police. They are the ones who started the problem by launching a tear gas grenade. Although the bullet casings have not been found, among other things, and there was contamination of the scene, the expert opinions regarding the wounds of those who died leads to a primary conclusion that we may be certain that the shots came from where the ministerial police were located. With a high level of possibility, even certainty, it may have been them who shot and, at that moment, caused the death of students and injuries to others." Spanish original

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