Jan 17, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: Members of Congressional working group agree to establish a bi-cameral committee to followup on investigations in the case of the Ayotzinapa students

Milenio: "The Committee of Government, Constitutional Issues and Justice of the Standing Committee of the Mexican Congress agreed to create a bicameral commission to monitor investigations into the deaths of two students of the normal school of Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, which occurred during the police action on December 12.

After another meeting with young normal school students at the congresssional Palace of San Lázaro, the working group appointed by the Standing Committee of Congress to address this case stressed its inability to deliver findings this month and thus raised the need to plan a new mechanism to give continuity to their efforts. The approach was endorsed by representatives of the three major political parties.

The group also requested that the students of the Ayotzinapa rural normal school allow a visit of the deputies and senators to the school, but the youths made that conditional on progress in the response to their demands, including impeachment proceedings against the Guerrero governor, Angel  Heladio Aguirre.

... Representatives of the various parties agreed to prepare the recommendation and vote next week, in order that the bicameral committee can be formally constituted on the eve of the opening of the regular session of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies." Spanish original

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