Jan 16, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: State police accused of student deaths will appeal charges

Milenio: "Antonio Nogueda Carvajal, the lawyer for the two state ministerial police, Rey David Cortés Flores and Ismael Matadaza Salinas, announced that if his clients are issued arrest warrents for the presumed murders of the two normal school students, he will make an appeal to federal court to stay the charges.

"We have expert evidence, carried out by the federal Attorney General's Office, that indicate that the weapons of the two ministerial police were not fired. We also have X-ray evidence taken by the Public Ministry police of the state attorney general's office that turned out negative," he stated. He added, "We have other evidence, that we will have to reveal within the legal process, that the state attorney general, Juan Manuel Herrera Campos, only wants to justify on the part of the government, before society, that he is doing his job, but it is affecting not only two people but also their families"

The lawyer said that the two ministerial police have been summoned to appear before the first criminal court of the city of Chilpancingo this Monday afternoon at 6:30 P.M." Spanish original

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