Jan 17, 2012

Human Rights Violations - Guerrero Students: 9 police that shot their guns remain free

Milenio: "Studies conducted by the federal Attorney General's Office (PGR) indicate that at least nine police officers fired their guns during the confrontation with the Ayotzinapa normal school students on December  12.

Among the list of names of those officers, from both federal and state ministerial and preventative police, neither the name of Rey David Cortes Flores, nor that of  Ismael Matadama Salinas occur. Both were detained yesterday by court order for 15 more days at the request of  the Attorney General of Guerrero, Juan Manuel Herrera Campos.

The nine listed include a federal policeman who has not been summoned before authorities. In addition, four state ministerial police are named who were released from custody by the Guerrero attorney general on Saturday (for lack of evidence against them). Four state preventative police are also named.

...  "The presence of lead, barium and antimony, elements from the firing of cartridges, when shots are fired with a firearm, were found on nine policemen" according to the preliminary investigation by the PGR, carried out under the leadership of the federal prosecutor, Abelard Camacho Reyes, head of the team on the case.

The survey, conducted by the Laboratory of Forensic Chemistry of the PGR, indicated that samples taken from the hands of the remaining individuals (108 more), "did not identify the presence of elements from the firing of the cartridges when shots are fired with a firearm." Spanish original

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