Jan 23, 2012

Human Rights Violations: Mexican government replies to charges made by Human Rights Watch

La Jornada: The federal government, through the Interior Ministry, responded last night to the accusations made ​​by Human Rights Watch World Report - 2012, presented Sunday in Cairo. "The government rejects the accusations of  HRW regarding human rights violations and impunity of federal security forces. ....the work of the personnel of the Army, Air Force and Navy of Mexico--in combating drug trafficking and organized crime--is carried out in strict accordance with the framework of public safety, attending to the particular problems that threaten the physical integrity of the population and limit the carrying-out of the daily activities of society."

In its press release, the Government argues that "the actions of personnel adhers to the law, with full respect for human rights, always putting first the security and integrity of the population, strengthening the transparency and openness of the armed forces to report detailed and reliable information regarding the completion of their assigned missions."" Spanish original

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